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Channel Your Inner Foodie in Cozumel

Given its increasing popularity as a tourist destination – and port of call for cruise ship passengers – it’s not surprising that Cozumel is working to please as many palates as possible. For the most part, the island is accomplishing this with variations on traditional Mexican fare. However, there are a few culinary curveballs thrown in that add delightful variety to the menu.

To start with, for breakfast and lunch, visitors rave about Burritos Gorditos. This small “hole in the wall” establishment serves up a wide assortment of burritos, with ample options for both filling and sauces. Top recommendations include the chochinita burrito, the breakfast burrito with chorizo and the chicken with avocado and beans. A solid assortment of tacos and salads is also available – and everything is $5 or less! Another casual choice is King Burrito Express, a little burrito stand that’s removed from the main strip. Favorites include the Crazy King and the Texas King, and each burrito can be made on one of three levels of spicy, all the way up to “a la diabla.” Then there’s El Moro, another local favorite that’s both quaint and retro, with food prepared in Yucatan tradition. Try the mushroom-and-lemon sauce on your fish, and savor the Yucatecan pork.

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to pony up a little more some (literally) home-cooked food, then scout out Cha Cha’s Kitchen, a restaurant found in the owner’s backyard. The menu changes regularly, but try to catch the pork sliders, the sloppy joe with leeks, the butter chicken and the walnut salad. Another upscale option is Kondesa, with a menu born of traditional Mexican roots, with a delicate balance of Asian and Mediterranean influences. Sample a trio of guacamoles or, if you’re sharing a romantic night out, order the Kondesa Experience, which includes a selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts.

If you have a hankering for seafood, step on over to the Lobster Shack, where delectable lobster rolls are the specialty of the house. There’s much more to the menu, including shrimp, steak and burritos, but there’s a reason lobster is the name. A more relaxed and social approach to dining awaits you at Buccanos at Night, a multi-ethnic, multi-sensory dining experience where flavors clash on purpose. You’ll find contemporary seafood, fresh fish and premium quality ingredients that change with the season, served on an ocean-view dining terrace with a panoramic view of the mainland skyline enhanced by torches and candlelight.

For more of an international flavor, there’s Guido’s, where you can discover the flavors of Europe in the succulent tropics. The menu, created in a Swiss-Italian style, offers a couple of staples that turn out to be surprising standouts: garlic bread and tiramisu. Personally, I’d be torn between the seven-layer lasagna and the tortellini stuffed with spinach and cheese, served with basil pesto, avocado, panela cheese and cherry tomato, but there’s a sumptuous selection of seafood and wood-fired pizzas. Ohana Café offers an extremely eclectic menu, from lobster and pizza to pasta, burgers, sausage and coconut shrimp.

No matter what your taste, or what tastes you care to savor, you can definitely get your food fix on in Cozumel – and wash down your meal with a margarita, of course. To learn more about traveling to Cozumel, or any of our 40+ dynamite destinations, contact us at

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