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San Diego – Annual Over The Line Tournament

There is an event that happens every July in San Diego, California, that brings people from all over the nation to attend and fills the town with thousands of people coming to have a good time. No it’s not the 130,000 people that are in San Diego to see the largest and Hollywood centric Comic Con., althought that would make a good story as well. It’s acutally a form of beach softball called Over The Line.
This year marks the 65 year of the Annual tournament at the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. People coming to this event the first time are astonished. There are 200 fields set up on the beach, tens of thousands of spectators and teams with names ranging from names such as Dirtbags to names depciting some very risque terms that would be banned from prime time.
Even so, not all team names would be banned from prime time. This year, squads included Our Hands Are Bigger than Trump’s; We Will Beat You Like United Airlines; Menace to Sobriety; Told The Wife We’d be Home by Noon; Are You Drinking With Me, Jesus?; and the Afrodities, who took the field in white togas and black Afro wigs.
The rule for the attendees is No “B”s: No Bottles, No Bicycles, No Bowzers (dogs), No Babies, No Boas, No Bad Attitudes, No Battles (fighting), but “C”s are allowed. Cans are removed from the beach by volunteers to recycling companies. Last year over 10 tons of cans were removed after the event. Volunteers can acutally make from actually make from 100 to 1,000 each cleaning up the beach.
The rules are simple.

  • Three players per team – substitutes allowed if player has not played for any other team.  A replaced player may not re-enter the same game.  He may play in subsequent games.
  • Bat from home.  Teammate pitches from anywhere in front of “THE LINE” or its extensions.  One foot of batter must be behind apex of the triangle.
  • Fielders may play anywhere past “THE LINE” or its extensions.
  • Hits
    • Ball hit into fair territory on the fly without being caught by fielders.
    • Any ball touched and dropped by fielders.
    • Fielders crossing “THE LINE” or its extensions when attempting to catch ball.
    • A home run is any ball hit PAST the last man in fair territory on the fly without him touching it.  The ball only has to go past him, not necessarily over his head.

There are of course more rules but they are simple to understand and play.
So next year plan a trip to San Diego and try to see Comic Con (again a reference), but tickets to this event are nearly impossible to get unless you are at your computer and can press the button once they start sellng. But if you can’t attend Comic Con try out OTL (Over The Line), you wont’ be disappointed. You will have one great time and have a chance to sun on some of the nicest beaches in the United States.