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Sedona Nights

You feel magic in Sedona wherever you go, but contemplating distant galaxies while sitting in the dark surrounded by vibrant red rocks is an otherworldly experience. If you are looking for best things to do at night, stargazing is a fun activity. Sedona has little light pollution and more than 300 clear days. Furthermore, the high altitudes make the area truly fantastic for watching stars.
Experience the night sky like no other place in the world. Understand the majesty the sky had with the Native Americans and why the spirit was so alive with these tribes. On certain nights, you will be able to see Saturn and its rings.
Sedona has a number of professional astronomers that can help you make sense of what you are seeing, and they are always happy to point you in the right direction. Kids in particular will love every minute of this experience. There are several professional groups that can take you on a tour of the night sky right from Sedona or get yourself an app on your phone or tablet that can show you how the sky will look at the exact coordinates you are at.
This expereince can be fun, romantic and will leave a lifetime of memories. Sedona is magical.