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The Real Zane Grey

During the 1950s Westerns were one of the mainstays of televeision and Western programing became the story of American heros that millions of people watched every day. Zane Grey was a leader in Western programing and the famous “Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre” was the leading launch pad of many great western stories.
If you have ever heard of “The Rifleman” launching the career of Chuck Conners, “The Westerner” launching the career of Brian Keith, or “Wanted: Dead or Alive” launching Steve McQueen as the Bounty Hunter, you have heard of Zane Grey. After 149 episodes this series ended, but Zane Grey has become a legend in Hollywood and in Literary circles as an author who launched the modern western.
The Zane Grey Museum found in the Lackawaxen near Stroudsburg displays a Zane Grey as he went from struggling writer to successful adventurer. As part of the United States National Monument series of home, you can experience the early life of Zane Grey and his brothers an see where the legend began.
This is a must see in your stay at the Poconos and an expereince of a lifetime.