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Calling All Patriots

We all know what it’s like to live in the really-real world, but once in a while, it’s appealing to entertain the idea of being in a world where you actually can step back in time. In Colonial Williamsburg, you are going Back to the Future, but you won’t have to worry about Biff bullying your father, Doc dying, or whether you’ll cease to exist if your parents don’t fall in love. Instead you’ll be landing in the 18th century, where you can join an angry mob and storm the Governor’s Palace, protesting for an independent nation; witness the arrival of the Declaration of Independence; and experience everything in between!

Don’t worry, young patriots… time travel isn’t just for grownups! You have the opportunity to play colonial games, join the army, and visit the soldiers at the encampment.

At some point your belly may growl, and when it does, the Revolutionary City has a variety of restaurants and taverns to choose from. One of the town favorites is Chowning’s Tavern, an 18th century ale house. There you can choose from a variety of culinary options while whetting your palate with a bottle of root beer, glass of wine, or mug of some historic brews.

It’s rumored that after sundown, there is paranormal activity on the grounds of the Revolutionary City. Some colonists who have lived to tell the uncanny tales of the supernatural, will take you on a walking tour of the haunted properties, and who knows… you may even set your eyes upon a ghost!

If you prefer to stick with the living (well, maybe not for long), head over to the capitol to help decide if Grace Sherwood is a witch! During the trial you will have the opportunity to question witnesses, weigh evidence, and cast your vote on whether she is innocent or guilty.

*Ghosts Amongst Us and Cry Witch are not appropriate for young children, but there are vast options for the whole family. Do you think you can Escape the King? Find clues and solve riddles before the British officer returns to interrogate you. Otherwise, you may be locked in a room with the other suspected patriots indefinitely!

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